Self-Love Journal Series Part I is an 80-page interactive supplement to our 30 Days of Loving Yourself Journal


Here's what you can expect:

- 6 self-love stimulating principles to use in your daily life.
- 5 soul searching journal prompts w/ 10 strategic guiding questions each.
- 40 confidence-building daily affirmations.
- A 25-question people pleaser quiz.
- Several self-exploration activities, much-needed inspiration, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Here's what you will walk away with:
- A fresh understanding of your uniqueness.
- An increased admiration for your authentic identity.
- A brand new mindset and worthiness for self-love.
- A list of nonnegotiable terms to live authentically every day.
- A clear outline of personal values you don't want to compromise.
- The tools to identify and resolve unhealthy relational patterns and behaviors.
- Courage to pursue what matters most to you regardless of opinions.

- A self-love action plan for your future.

Self-Love Journal Series Part I - Download