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The life of one in the midst of transition will consist of DAYS!

On March 1st, 2016 I announced to the world that I, Victoria R. Gaskin, became an author of a Christian devotional called It’s My Destiny: Holding Fast in the Midst of Transition.

If the choice was mine, I could confidently say that this devotional would not have been the direction of my first book or any book of MY choosing. Why, you ask? Because of the various seasons in which I would be required to endure in order for God to pull it out of me.

There were seasons of pain, discomfort, doubt, fear, loneliness, many tears and great stretching. I lost things, people, and status. I had to learn to be fluid and go where ever God was calling me. In some instances, I was required to give of myself even in times of my own need. Let me make this clear, they were not all bad and tumultuous, but at the time they could appear to be.

So… No, this book did not come from a place that was full of sunshine and lollipops. No, it was not produced through the testimony of another. And no, I did not piece it together through various avenues or by what I thought or believed.

I LIVED and LEARNED through this journey!

I was summoned to walk through these various seasons in order to authentic my words even before the thought of them going on paper would occur.

There were days when I prayed and cried. There were days when I cried and prayed. And then, there were days when I cried more than I could even pray… There were days when I felt alone…when I couldn’t hear, see, or feel God… There were days of great word, and then there were times when the searching of word seemed to be bleak. There were days when the enemy tried to convince me that I wasting my time. There were days when I thought it would be best to give up and quit. There were days when I was strong, and others not so much. There were days when I had much, and days when I was holding on to God. There were days when I could see my way clear, and days when the fog laid heavy. There were days when prayer was easy, and days when I had to fight to get pass the outer court.

There were days…

I say that to say this…There are going to be DAYS! But, know that those days are not wasted. Remember that “every day nestles the substance of God at work between our start and finishing point." - It's My Destiny: Holding Fast in the Midst of Transition

You have a finishing point, but you must first get through the DAYS.

-Victoria R. Gaskin

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