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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hi! My name is Victoria R. Gaskin. I am the wife of a soldier, whom I love dearly. A mother of 3 - Joseph, Ciara, and Saniah. These 4 are my WORLD!

My hobbies include: everything crafting & requiring creativity, reading, studying, writing, and relaxing (this one is probably not considered a hobby but to me it is).

A new one is this blog and the Planted ministry that derived from my book…

What book you ask? My newly released Christian Devotional It’s My Destiny: Holding Fast in the Midst of Transition.

This devotional was birthed through a 7 year process that I still can’t accurately express into words. BUT, I thank God that He took me through it. It was during this time that He UPROOTED everything that was not of HIM, and then BURIED me inside of Himself so I could come forth as the great harvest He intended - He showed me who HE was and who HE called me to be. That’s where the name The Seed Spot derived from as well as Planted (Purposely Located At the Next Transitional Entryway to Destiny). –We are all seeds.

And…here we are!

Know that your soul remains a constant prayer of mine, and that our time together is not taken lightly. My prayer is that in some way, shape or form our time together will draw you closer to Christ.

Pray for me as I pray for you! Let’s keep pushing and striving to make God smile in all that we do!

Stay connected..I have some great things in the works for the Planted community!

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