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Devotional Reading Tips

As an avid reader, I find myself picking up books everywhere I go. Which is funny, because as I was growing up I disliked reading with a passion!

As a matter-of-fact, my mother used it as a source of punishment when my siblings and I got into trouble. She would force us to complete book reports before we were released back to normal activities. AND...I am not talking about 10 page books. She laid it on THICK every chance she could (she was and still is an avid reader).

I also learned, from a former pastor of mine, that I should have a book and/or bible with me at all times to ensure that I am able to take full advantage of every opportunity of down time. (The truth is, down time is always present, but the question is what do we do with it?)

Now...I find myself spending hours within my local book store, searching through the large stacks of books and meddling through the various titles and pages, to find that one or those perfect selections in which intrigue me.

And with every great read, I love having a fresh notebook or pad to jot down:

1. What the Lord is revealing.

2. The great things in which I learn.

3. How I can make the information useful and applicable to my life.

4. Not to mention, we are human and forget things!

This was the main reason I chose to provide a journal with my devotional- It's My Density.

(When digging into a devotional, the purpose of immersing yourself with in it should be to gather nuggets of wisdom that may in turn breed growth within your life and spiritual relationship with Christ.)

Which brings me to the reason of this article.

One of my readers expressed to me that they have never ventured through a devotional and was curios as to what they should do with the journal.

First, I am glad that she was brave enough to ask because I'm sure there are others that have the same question, but aren’t bold enough to share.

Well reader, first I will share what I do.

1. Find a quiet space – I like early in the morning while everyone is sleep.

2. Pray, Read, and Mediate – Allow time to hear God and for the words to move from your mouth, mind, ultimately to your spirit.

3. Write as you go – What you hear, believe, and how this information can be useful and impact your life. Ask yourself what area of life can I intentionally utilize it in?

4. Pray again- Look for moments throughout the day for application and further revelation.

I also found this article that may also be of further assistance.


But, I want you to know there isn't a right and wrong way, and my way may not be your way. But, what I encourage you to do is find a way.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions or topics of discussion. I would love to hear from you and your thought and tips.

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