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The Lord Is Sending For You!

There is a VERY specific work He (God) has set aside for YOU to do, and there is

no one else that can do it like YOU.

Though at times, the fragmented pieces of life may not reflect it, Understand this…

  1. The Lord Knows Where You Are

There is not a seed (person), in which He has planted (Purposely Located At the Next Transitional Entryway to Destiny), that He is not fully aware of their condition and location.

  1. The Lord Intentionally Set You Aside For His Purpose

Every seed that has been strategically planted was done with an intentional purpose.

  1. The Lord Knows What Needs To Be Done In Order To Release You

He will send for you when it’s time for you to come forth, and there is nothing that will be able to stand in His way or hold you back from your destiny.

Trust God! He knows best!

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