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Don't Come Back Without...

This was my mother's exclamation as I prepared to go to the grocery store. She would set up my travels with a shopping list of items that she needed, and there was always one or two things that were more important than the others. Sometimes I would write them down, and on various occasions I would try to put my memory to the test. Notice, I said “try”. Many times when I relied upon my memory, I found my arrival home wasn’t so welcoming - I would forgot one of the most important items on the list. Doing so, forced me to take another trip to the store for the very thing I was sent to retrieve the first time around.

In Matthew 3:13, Jesus steps on the scene at the river of Jordan while John is teaching and baptizing. (SN: Always be found working and pursuing your God-given purpose.) He [Jesus] requested of John to be baptized. John being reluctant at first, soon agrees.

After Jesus is baptized, solidified by His father and the descending of the dove, He is then “led” off of the scene and into the Wilderness. (SN: Don’t be shocked when God gives you a small release, exposure, freedom, etc. and then pulls you back off of the scene.) After 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus endures the solitude of the Wilderness and returns back to civilization. But, it doesn’t simply say that He returned. Luke 4:14 NKJV says, “Then, Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit…”

Remember, when you go into transition, it’s with the purpose of coming out with “something”. Jesus wasn’t merely sent into the Wilderness to experience the pleasures of hunger, thirst, solitude, temptation, dry and bareness. His father led Him into this place for the purpose of power. Jesus, being wise to this, is found leaving within the very power in which His father intended for Him to receive.

Don’t ever go IN [transition] and leave OUT the same way, or without the very things in which God purposed for you to receive.

Jesus needed power. The Wilderness was purposed for His empowerment and success in ministry, and fulfilling His purpose. God knew: who and what was awaiting His return from the Wilderness, the spirits that He would have to confront and cast out, the miracles He would perform, the cross He was purposed to bare, and the humanity that was upon Him.success

When times of transition is upon you, go with eyes searching for the things in which the Lord has laid up for you to receive. They will be vital for what is awaiting you on the other side.

Transition is not a time of idleness but of preservation, preparation, and positioning. Purpose to have a mindset that “I have come to get what the Lord sent for me to retrieve, and I am not leaving without it!”

Take it from me, I never enjoyed doubling back to the grocery store…

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