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There Is A Difference Between Being Put Up And Put Away

As a child I remember being fascinated by the light within the refrigerator. It wasn’t merely the light, but its ability to stay on while you searched around for what you wanted, and then turn off after you made your selection and closed the door.

One day I set out to see if I could view the light off while the door was yet open. So, I inched the door closed slowly and watched in anticipation for the illuminated fridge to turn pitch black. However, the more I tried, the more I found myself frustrated and gave up. As I grew older and wiser I realized there was a switch that was strategically placed inside that controlled the light within. When the door touched the switch it turned the light off, and when the refrigerator door opened, the switch was released to let the light shine again.

In the midst of transition, like the refrigerator, there is a switch that happens. You enter into darkness, not to be seen by the light until the door reopens. The darkness isn’t harmful or intended to punish, but it protects and preserves the items inside.

If I were to use my imagination, I could see the anticipation and excitement of every item within the refrigerator when they saw the hope of light as the door opened. On the other hand, I could also see the frustration and disappointment when the mustard realized that my purpose of entry was to retrieve the milk rather than itself.

Who likes to be the one left sitting on a shelf while others are out being used? I’m sure the mustard desires to come out of the fridge just as often as the milk does. But, little does the mustard know, it is set aside for the special moments when I desire a turkey and cheese sandwich. Though it is not as often as I partake in a bowl of cereal, it is just as important (to me at least).

I know sometimes it can be difficult to experience the refrigerator door of life open and watch God grab another item off of the shelf while leaving you in the cold, but know that your time in the darkness is a time of positioning, preservation, and preparation. God has laid you up for the special moments He has prepared just for you.

I have learned to be thankful at the fact that He has given enough thought of me to put me up, rather than leave me out to waste within the unwelcome elements.

Yes, milk’s time in and out of the fridge may be more sporadic because I enjoy a bowl of cereal more often than a turkey and cheese sandwich, but mustard’s time will come – as yours will. Remember, milk’s shelf life is not as long as mustard’s. It has the ability to remain in the fridge for longer periods of time and be made readily available for the special moments that call for a turkey and cheese sandwich.

You have been laid up for a purpose. Your time will come! Don’t worry about who’s moving in out, praise God that you made it to the shelf, He knows where you are, and He’s coming to get you when the timing is right!

Remember, there is a big difference between being put up and put away. It is all a matter of perspective!

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