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When The Going Get's Tough, Keep Going!

I have always admired my husband’s physical endurance and strength. He is the one that motivated and inspired me to start running. I remember the first time he took me out to run with him. I barely made it to the end of the block. It wouldn’t be until several years later that I would give it a real try.

Though he is more advanced, I love the fact that he invites me to join his runs. There are times when we do our own thing – he runs his pace and I run mine. Then, there are times when we run together and I fight to keep up with him.

At the beginning, my body is full of energy. I am mentally and physically prepared. After a minute or two, I begin to adjust to what I am putting it through. My muscles begin stretching. My breathing picks up. My mind is wandering.

After a while, I begin to contemplate is it really worth it? Does it take all of this? Should I give up now? How much longer do I have left? And, this man is crazy!

My muscles are tight. My legs are heavy. My chest hurts. Sweat is dripping. Life as I know it seems to be coming to an end. UNTIL… I hear him cheering me on.

Little does he know, in my mind, as we push towards the finish I’m saying “GO GIRL, GO!” I’m chanting, “You got this!”, “You are almost there!”, and “Don’t give up!”

It gets to the point where that GO GIRL, GO drowns out the screaming of my legs, the thoughts of my mind, and the intense pain that once overwhelmed me. I start to believe that I can truly GO GIRL, GO.

I find the beginning to be easy. Halfway becomes more difficult. As I draw to the end, it gets almost impossible.

While everything is screaming give up, listen as God cheers you on.

He is saying, “I know things are getting a little harder, but GO (insert your name), GO! I know you are ready to step out of the race, but GO (insert your name), GO! I see your pace is coming down, but GO (insert your name), GO!

Don’t give up just yet! You are almost there!

The finish line is closer than you think.

Remember, when the going gets tough, keep going!!!

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