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Add Leaven To Your Loaf...LIFE

Personally, I have never baked bread from scratch, but I have seen it done on television. It is a very precise process that can vary based upon the type of bread. Some recipes call for a leavening agent such as yeast. Yeast allows the bread to rise and expand. Without it, the bread will bake flat and lack dimension.

Have you ever struggled with the thought that you are not capable of doing what God has called you to do? Or, have you considered yourself least qualified for the task at-hand?

Like the loaf, we too require a leaven agent if we plan to stretch beyond our borders, and reach the unreachable. Ours is Christ.

Most people struggle with the purpose of God and attaining their destiny because of their insufficiency - failing to realize that Christ came to fill the gap where we fall short.

Ask yourself, have you left out the leavening from your loaf?

Your sufficiency is in Christ alone. Without Him you will never be enough to go around. Nor will you ever be able to do what He is calling you to do.

He is the leaven of our loaf…Ooopppss! I mean life.

Yes, alone we can produce an edible and tasty product, but it will not move pass the ground. Christ, like leaven, will shift your capacity and enlarge your territory. He will make you effective and affective.

Alone you may reach some, but with Christ you can reach many. Alone, you can be good, but with Christ you can be excellent. Alone, you can do works, but with Christ miracles can be performed.

You see, unleavened bread is still bread, but after the leaven is added it takes on a different form. It has a new shape. Its reach is greater. It can feed more. Its capacity has changed.

The truth is, without Christ, the leaven of your destiny, you will never be enough. Without Him, you will not be able to rise to the occasion (no pun intended). You will continuously fall flat, be dense, and remain ineffective within your reach.

Don’t be fooled, a little leaven goes a long way, but a lot can feed the masses.

So remember, you alone can do some-things, but through Christ you can do more and ALL things.

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