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Ditch The Everyday Blessing & Recognize The Every Day Blessing

One year I found this amazing ball gown located in the window of a seamstress shop. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to try it on. When I did, it was less than flattering.

So being skilled, the seamstress pulled out her pins and began to shape the dress to fit me perfectly.

There is something about getting your garments tailored. They fit you in all the right places, hide all of the areas you desire to hide and are made to accent and flatter you alone. Afterward, it will never be able to look as good on another as it was purposed to look on you.

Everyday blessings are made to fit no one and everyone at the same time.

What is an everday blessing, you ask? It’s defined as normal, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, lacking specialty, common, average, informal, mundane, unexceptional, usual, plain, vanilla, frequent, a dime a dozen...Do you get my point?

Everyday blessings lack luster, thought, and the craftsmanship of God. They are informal and impersonal – suited for any and everyone.

Ask yourself, does this sound like anything God supplies on a daily basis? I think not, but if we aren't careful we can begin to adapt this point of view.

Life is complete with many days on this earth, and time in the midst of transition can cause one to question their individualism and purpose. If we are not careful we can get caught in the routine of everyday rather than recognizing the blessings of every day.

Every day is special! God is not into dishing out everyday blessings, but rather every day blessings.

Those that are abnormal, different, individual, exceptional, special, uncommon, unfamiliar, unusual, purposed, and tailor-made!

Remember, ditch those everyday blessings and allow God to show up and show out within the every day blessing.

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