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Don't Move Too Soon

Patience is a gift perfected over time (literally).

Have you ever seen an athlete begin prematurely?

There is a term for this action: false start.

It is defined as an invalid or disallowed start to a race, usually due to a competitor beginning before the official signal has been given.

Or, an unsuccessful attempt to begin something.

Devotion 4 - God’s Time states, “Though anticipation is there, the proper time has to be there as well.”

In a race, each runner lines up at the mark and awaits the same signal before they are released to bolt towards the finish line.

You cannot make be believe that a runner, or any athlete for that matter, gets to his mark and intentionally prepares to jump the gun or throw the race.

I personally believe it is because they are excited, possibly anxious, and just ready to go. While all of this is great, they still must wait patiently for their release.

An athlete’s false start can produce consequences for themselves and possibly the entire team.

In football, a false start results in a penalty and will cost the entire team yardage. In track and field, the athlete is disqualified. In motor-sports, there is a loss of time. In swimming, the consequences is the loss of pride as you make your way back to the board and possible ejection.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see how this can possibly happen, but there are consequences in doing so. Though they vary based on the sport, when dealing with destiny there isn’t any room for chance.

The practice of patience will keep you on your mark with the appropriate attitude and expectation to match. It will also secure that you are not caught in this very predicament (CLICK).

Don't be that guy! Remember to stay on your mark until the whistle blows.

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