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Let Your Soles Do The Talking

Joshua 1:3 is a very familiar bible verse. It states, "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses."

At first glance, Joshua’s promise will blow your mind by considering it’s magnitude without first giving thought towards the things in which he would have to conquer and encounter.

Yes, this is a promise of possession, but I also see it as an opportunity for reflection.

Think about it this way: there would be remnants of an unspoken journey that would be written on the soles of his feet as he took the strategic steps in which God was calling him to.

How often do you hear someone express the need to beautify or clean-up the soles of their shoes (unless they have stepped into a major mess) ? Not much.

Or, how often do we give thought to the places and territories our shoe soles have tread through? Also not much.

Reason being, there is an understanding that their (shoe soles) next journey will be purposed to conquer similar unsanitary and unsavory territory. Therefore, the need to clean and purify them is unnecessary.

Joshua’s feet walked him into battles, tread through oceans on dry land, walked through desserts, trampled over enemies, and ultimately secured promises.

What have yours done? Where have yours been and gone through? What are yours planning to do?

I'd like to leave this with you:

The next time you put on a pair of shoes, consider looking at their soles and celebrate the pavements you’ve pounded, the mountains you’ve climbed, the hills you’ve come over, the puddles you’ve waded through, the miles you’ve accumulated to get to where you are, and the promises you have secured along the way.

Then, take a moment to envision the steps of your heart’s desires and #getGOING.

We can only go as far as our steps are willing to take us, and they will do ALL the talking for us (if we allow them to).

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