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Forgive Yourself

As a young girl, I remember pulling out my mother’s typewriter and spending hours of factious writing (typing). I would sit down in front of it and type super-fast while listening to the melody of medal and buttons as the letters pressed firmly against the sheet of paper.

I'd move my fingers as fast as I could (regardless of what made its way onto the paper) whizzing to the end of the line waiting for the bell to announce my arrival -eagerly awaiting to start all over again.

The thing is, my mother’s typewriter operated with two ribbons. One was for typing and imprinting the letters on the page, while the other was for corrections and covering up mistakes.

The way in which I typed…there were a LOT of mistakes.

When typing for fun I would go over the mistakes with correction tape, and watch the errors that I made go away and keep moving forward. Until I realized how important and beneficial the correction tape could be to a person using a typewriter with purpose.

Before computers, iPads, and other devices of technology this was the only avenue in which you were able to create those lengthy book reports and papers.

I remember doing the research, handwriting the rough draft, and then taking a stab at it on the typewriter. It was in these moments that correction tape was my biggest friend.

But, there were times in which I played with it so much that I had to make-do without it. Forcing me to be very careful to pay close attention to the details, check the dictionary for spellings, and follow my draft precisely because there was no covering up permitted – just do-overs. There were times in which I was able to successfully type out a paper without correction tape while trampling on a floor full of crumbled up papers. And then there were times in which I got to the home stretch and forgot something small like punctuation.

I’m sure this was just me, but I still turned it in. (smile)

I'd consider to myself, was one minute mistake worth throwing away the entire assignment or starting all over again and possibly making it worse?

In this I learned sometimes you just have to move forward. Life has no correction tape. In some instances, there may not be an opportunity for do-overs.

Our humanity guarantees there will be mistakes made (plenty), but while you are desiring to correct them remember to cut yourself some slack.

I’m not saying ignore them. If you wronged someone...fix it! If you messed up somewhere...do what you can so you can keep going. Then, most importantly, after you have done what you can do, FORGIVE YOURSELF.

You will not be able to go back and fix things, but you can learn from the experience and do differently & better.

Stop mulling over the mistakes of the past and push forward towards a better future one wise and strategic movement at a time. #getGOING.

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