Victoria R Gaskin

Victoria spent many of her early years roaming the earth uncertain of who she was and without clear direction. While lost in the midst of a crowded world, she found herself a teenage mother at 16, dealing with bouts of depression and struggling with low self-esteem. Little did she know, she was amongst many others seeking to answer the very same question.

It wouldn’t be until she surrendered her life over to Jesus Christ, in 2007, that she would begin to peel back the layers revealing her authentic-self. Today she can confidently acknowledge who she “is” because she is secure in who God declares her to be through His word. 

Writer | Author | Motivator | Speaker  

Victoria R Gaskin is a writer and author, with an entrepreneur's spirit, in the Lawton, Oklahoma area. Victoria is a dedicated military wife and mother of three, with an innate ability of being genuine, honest and direct, yet compassionate and gentle with the hearts of people. 

From a lost single teenage parent to a woman well aware of her purpose: Victoria helps women and young-adults live authentic and purpose-pursuing lives with; information, education, inspiration, and by confidently and effectively sharing her faith and relative real-life experience, to embolden them to excel forward in their passion, purpose, and profession.

Victoria is a teacher, worshiper and prayer warrior, who walks heavily in an anointing for prayer and exhortation that illuminates the presence of God to those she encounters.  

As a once underdog and high school dropout, Victoria is most proud of receiving her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and her elevation as an experienced and educated business manager with a proven track record of rapid and accelerated growth in leadership.

In 2016 Victoria released her debut book It's My Destiny: Holding Fast in the Midst of Transition, a devotional for those transitioning towards destiny. Through the inspiration of her mother, in 2018 Victoria launched the women's movement #BeGre8t! by Victoria R Gaskin to motivate women to Forget notoriety and strive for fullness.


As an avid journal user, in March of 2019 Victoria launched her very own prompt journal line entitled Journal Your Greatness - It's not about being the best. It's about being YOUR best!


Victoria's life mission is to see every woman walk in her unique power and seize opportunities that may be intimidating to others.

When she's not writing and creating, you can locate Victoria serving her family, community, and local assembly.

Invite Victoria to your next event. 

  • Excelling in Seasons of Transition

  • Conquering Fear and Creative Problem Solving 

  • Following Passion, Pursuing Purpose & Owning Your Position

  • Selfies, Social Media & Self-Esteem

  • Making Positive Choices and Dealing With Peer/Professional Pressure

  • Dealing With “Haters” and Developing Healthy Relationships

  • Opening Up & Writing it Down

  • …and other topics customized for your event and audience.


When Victoria speaks, she commands the attention of her listeners as she talks from a real place to skillfully deliver a message that they will learn and grow from.

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